Thursday, 15 September 2016


Welcome to your Intermediate Level 2 Blog.

This year I will try to help you in your learning process but remember your learning process must be active: if you just come to school, sit and listen you won´t make progress, so when you are in class take part in what´s going on. And outside class do your homework, watch TV programmes and films in English with or without subtitles, watch the news, listen to songs and sing, read newspapers, magazines or books adapted to you level, surf the net, if you know any native speaker talk to him/her in English... and of course, take advantage of this blog. 

On the right-hand side bar you´ll find the labels for the different posts, so you can choose the topic you´re interested in (listening exercises, pronunciation, grammar...) or the number of the unit you want to revise. You´ll also find loads of links to useful websites.

Here you can find the contents for this year and the assessment criteria

Regards and see you in class!

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