Monday, 22 May 2017


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Ana Fúster said...

1.The cyclist BLAMED the bus driver FOR causing the accident.
2.The cyclist ACCUSED the bus driver OF causing the accident.
3. New students are always ENCOURAGED to join social clubs when they first go to university.
4. The politician DENIED having an affair with his research assistant – they were just working
5.I SUGGESTED going to Italy for our holidays, but everyone else wanted to go to Portugal.
6. Students generally CONGRATULATE each other ON passing their exams.
7.Christine and Harry ANNOUNCED at the party that they were getting engaged.
8. The landlord of my neighbour's flat wanted to double the rent, so I ADVISED her to see a
9.The kidnapper THREATENED to kill their son if they informed the police.
10. The union AGREED to call off the strike if safety measures were introduced.