Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Here are some links that might be useful to prepare the skills you could not pass in June:




  • Habla mejor inglés. To improve your pronunciation. Look at the posts under the headings "Sonidos básicos" and "Pronunciación general".
  • A document with a long list of expressions that you can use in real life situations when speaking.
  • Conversation worksheets with lists of questions. You can use them as prompts to prepare the different topics. When you click on each topic you´ll find several worksheets.
  • Topics for oral exams from different Schools of Languages in Spain with sample answers.
  • Videos to prepare the different topics you may find in B1 and B2 exam, by Marek Connell, This links takes you to the topic of education, but on the right-hand side bar you will find a complete series of videos. REALLY USEFUL: they cover common questions highlighting typical mistakes of both grammar and pronunciation. If you are interested in receiving classes from Mr. Connell over Skype, you can contact him here.
  • Videos with examples of the different parts of the Cambridge first Certificate oral exam. They are not exactly the same as yours, but they can help. 
  • MeetUp Language Exchange Cartagena. They meet to practise their English. Join them and find out if they plan to keep on meeting during the summer!
Apart from this, remember you have plenty of links on the right-hand side bar under the heading "English Learning Websites". If you had problems with grammar, make sure to revise the main points you had problems with and to do lots of remedial exercises (you can find an almost endless list of grammar exercises on those English- learning websites).

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